Locking Hinged Cock Ring

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Keep it going longer and stronger with these new Locking Hinged Cock Rings. Made from chrome plated brass, these are very effective and easy to use. With one side of the ring hinged, simply unscrew the ring and place around the base of your cock and balls. Then simply close it back up, but make sure to not rush to avoid any pinching of the skin. When completely put on, it will add some weight as you dive into your partner for a good pounding. For the more advanced users and those into CBT, these will work great as ball stretchers. Simply open the ring up and lock it up around the balls and let the weight take over!

•Small: 1.5 inch inside diameter.
•Medium: 1.75 inch inside diameter.
•Large: 2 inch inside diameter.

Kink Industries

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